Austin Energy Electrical Engineering Innovation Award
(1) Trophy
The project that shows the most innovative use of electricity or electrical engineering.
Austin Energy Renewable Energy Innovation Award
(1) Trophy
The project that best demonstrates the use of renewable/alternative energy; an energy source that is replenished at least as fast as it is used. Renewable energy (also known as alternative energy) includes, but is not limited to, solar, wind, biomass and hydropower
Austin Parks Foundation's Young Environmentalist Award
10 certificates
The project that best displays forward thinking on ideas and/or challenges relating to nature, wildlife and the environment.
City of Austin, Office of Sustainability Climate Protection Innovation Award
(1) Trophy
The project that is exemplary in addressing issues dealing with the reduction or effect of greenhouse gases or carbon footprint.
The Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living Health Innovation Award
10 Certificates
The elementary projects that best demonstrate or investigate issues related to healthy living.