Junior/Senior Division Information

The Junior/Senior Division fair is a competition for middle and high school students who are currently attending grades 6-12. Middle school students will be competing in the Junior Division and high school students will be competing in the Senior Division.

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How Will My Student Benefit?

A science project integrates many diverse skills, including reading, writing, math, statistics, ethics, critical thinking, and use of computers, graphics, scientific methodology, and public speaking.

The journey to and through Science Festival is one of self discovery. It teaches students to develop questions into formal, testable, and solvable problems; it helps prepare them to approach life's challenges systematically. Learning outcomes and finding answers offer powerful self validation.

Middle and high school students are given the chance to advance to the State and International levels. There, they can compete for even more extraordinary prizes.

High school students will have the opportunity to win fully-paid college scholarships and internships at major research centers at these higher competitions and use these experiences to leverage an advantage for their college application process.

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